Understanding the Psychology of Fonts

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font psychology


Fonts are essential as they help to write text to explain our ideas. Every font is different and serves a different purpose. It’s imperative to choose fonts that match well with your brand & values.


This post will bring easy insights into the psychology of fonts:

What Is Font Psychology?

Font psychology is associated with different styles of fonts & typography. It determines the impact of fonts on users behavior and actions.

  1. Serif Font

Serif fonts are the classical options that resemble tradition & heritage. When you use serif fonts it tells users that you are an established and repeat organization.

Associated with Trust, Respect, Tradition Class, Formal & Elegance

  1. San Serif Font

Just like serif fonts, san serif influences yours to a great extent. Brands who want to present their brands in a clear, casual, informal and friendly approach.

Associated with Straightforward, Trust, Modern, Clean & Minimal

  1. Script Fonts

Script fonts are a lot more fancy than serif and san serif. These are a great match as they are known to provide detailed & elaborate logo design.

Associated with Fancy, Happy, Elegant, Creative & Whimsical

  1. Slab Serif Font

Slab serif fonts are a subdivision of the serif font family. They are known to reflect attitude, solidarity, & a sense of confidence in your designs.

Associated with Versatile, Confident, Solid, Natural

  1. Display & Decorative Fonts

Display & decorative fonts are among the most versatile fonts. They are usually made for specific brands as a result of their unique personality.

 Associated with Casual, Fun, Unique, Personality

For effective use of fonts every designer must be aware of the typography rules.

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