Use of Technology in Recruitment

Technology in Recruitment Process

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How to enable Use of Technology in Recruitment Process?

Gone are the times of phone cold calls, written job applications, and newspaper/ magazine ads, and now is the age of mobile hiring apps, online job applications/ Video Resumes, Digital Interviews, AI-based selection process, and a lot more.

Hiring Data Analysts !!
Need Programming Geeks for our Upcoming AI Project !!
Full Stack Developers needed with Blockchain Knowledge!!


We all must have seen these “Recruitment Ads”.

Everyone needs to recruit, needs to hire someone for some work. There were newspaper ads, hiring banner outside workplaces/ factories, hiring gigs (placement drives) BUT

Virtual Job Fairs and Online Job Portal are a fad today.


Recruitment Chatbots like Jerry, ??

Virtual Online Interviews like Intervuelive, ??

Recruitment with Video Resumes like Gist ??

I guess, all of these and some more “Super Technology Things” like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Data Analytics.

In this article, I’ll focus on a few Recruitment/ Hiring tools which make heavy use of Technology.

Community-Enabled And Content-Based Careers Portals (e.g. LinkedIn Talent Acquisition Products)

  • A few years ago, career portals used to showcase information provided by the company.
    But these days candidates are given options such as their expectations from the company, what they want, how they can see their career being developed in a unique way.
    In short, potential candidates are looking to build a relationship with the hiring company and wish to grow more with the company. However, they are less interested in sticking to that monotonous job schedule and want to experiment with in the company for learning new things.

  • Apart from candidates, there are many companies which are trying to find about the candidates through various online mediums.
    HR managers and Head Hunters can be seen digging the online data for relevant information and even updating their current databases. Even validation is also being done based on their available databases across the internet. All this is helping companies find ideal candidates for different jobs.

Recruiting via Mobile Apps is in Vogue

  • There are many recruitment companies with their recruitment mobile apps. Moreover, number of smartphone users has increased, more and more candidates are searching for new jobs through mobile apps.

  • Video Resumes, Live Video Interviews, Video Replies of Questions are some fastest ways to target and hire the right candidates. No Travel time, Instant Connect, No Logistics; makes it convenient and inexpensive to appear for and conduct interviews anywhere anytime.

How Can We Forget Social Media?

  • Apart from online career portal and mobile app development, companies are also focusing on social media. Hiring through LinkedIn and FaceBook Groups is one of the best things that can happen. 360 Degree Social Media profiling, Recommendations, Likes and Shares of Job Posting make them go viral in no time.

  • You need to create a star rated profile of your HR and an attractive Company Page on LinkedIn and Facebook. Reach out to potential candidates and regularly reply to job applications to maintain a higher response rate and in no time you can attract a large talent pool.

These days, if you wish to find the right candidate for your job, then you need to make sure that you use cutting edge technology coupled with some data driven reporting.

I hope this has given some insights about technology in recruitment process and strategies and can help you to bring some quick and positive change into your hiring and selection process.


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