UX Research – It’s Purpose & Importance

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Usually done at the start of any product design, UX research is an inseparable part of the user experience design process. It comprises various research methodologies that in turn help invaluable data and insights.


You are bound to engage with the target audience while performing user research. In order to understand the problems, needs, motivations, emotions, and behavior of the user.


User Experience research bridged the gap between assumptions and proper research. Moreover, it allows you to actually build something that solves the user’s problem in real-time.

Purpose of UX Research


UX research


The main objective of UX or User Research is to correctly understand the user problem that you are trying to solve. It gives a better idea of the target audience, their expectations from product, and how they will interact with the product.


User research assures that you keep users in mind while designing your product. It’s the main factor that determines the success or failure of any digital product.


UX research assists you throughout the design process in certain ways:


  • To identify problems and challenges
  • Validate or Invalidate assumptions
  • Assist in fulfilling user’s needs, goals, and mental models
  • To find patterns and similarities across all target groups

Importance of Conducting UX Research

UX research


Without effective User research, the design of your product will be based on pure assumptions.


Perhaps it’s not possible to address the needs and problems of users if you are not ready to invest time in engaging with your target audience.

Helps Designing Better Products

Design better


There’s is a misconception running around the UI/ UX industry. That it’s alright to launch your product without a bit of research and testing the final product.


However, experts say it’s highly significant to follow the right process. In which user research is followed by testing and iteration.


Research about users before designing any product helps in making better design decisions.

User Research Saves Time & Money

UX research


In case you ignored the need for effective User research eventually you will put more time, money, and, resources into the project once it’s launched.


A product developed without proper User research might have design flows, usability issues, and unable to meet the users’ requirements.


UX research ensures that you design products by using real data and analytics, not just guesswork. For instance, if you launch a product without conducting UX research. Then chances are pretty high that your product will have lots of bugs and usability issues.


That would make your product fall into the category of bad user experience. Which additionally will affect your brand name.

UX Research Is Not Expensive

UX is not costly


Being among the most significant factor of the design process. UX research is considered to be time-consuming and very expensive. The good news is there are several techniques of UX research that can be performed faster at very low cost.


Another major problem is that sometimes designers think that UX research is not important. The reason being they already know very well about their customers.


However, according to research by Bain, 80% of the businesses think that they are aware of what their customers required. While only 80% of their customers agreed.

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