Telemedicine is definitely one of the key verticals focused on providing Healthcare at your doorstep.

Prologic Technologies is now being counted among the Most Promising Custom Telemedicine Solution Providers serving Startups, Facilities and Individual Medical Practitioners.

Fitness App

Flurry survey shows 65% growth in daily usage of Health and Fitness Mobile Apps

Virtual PCP

Virtual PCP visit costs an Average of $50 Vs $150 for Physical Clinic Visit to PCP

PwC Health Research

PwC Health Research Institute says Avg. Wait Time with TeleHealth App/ Portal is 6 min Vs 22 min at Clinic

Per Merritt Hawkins Survey

Per Merritt Hawkins Survey, 94% of patients would travel an avg. of 1 hr 16 min for Medical Care.

 Use Telemedicine

American College of Emergency Physicians says, 7M Patients would use Telemedicine in 2019



Fitness Health
Apps & APIs

  • Orthopedics and Spinal Consultants
  • Tele Psychiatry and Behavioral Health
  • Tele Nutrition and Diet Consultants
  • Wellness and Fitness Platforms
  • Proactive Behavioral Health Tracking
  • Collaborative DICOM/ OHIF viewers
  • e-Prescriptions and EMR Integartion

Our team at Prologic Technologies is adept in developing HIPAA Secure Custom Telemedicine Platforms for Web and Mobile. We use our Telemedicine/ TeleHealth experience coupled with Design Thinking to deliver an optimized User Experience.

We have successfully delivered many MVP and End-to-End Bespoke Telemedicine and Telehealth platforms for specialties like Psychiatry, Ortho/ Spine, Nutrition, Behavioral Health

Custom TelePsychiatry Platforms

We designed and developed HIPAA compliant complex Behavioral Health Platforms with Appointment Booking and Online Video Consults using Tokbox OpenTok API.

Extensive features include Provider On-boarding, Behavioral Health Trackers using Artificial Intelligence, Geo Fencing and Amazon Alexa Skill integration.

Custom Telepsychiatry Platform

Custom Ortho/Spine Consult Platforms

We conceptualized, designed and developed state-of-art HIPAA secure end- to- end Telemedicine Solutions for Orthopedics and Spinal Consultants.

Our Telemedicine Solutions are customized to client's needs and provide a full featured White- Labeled Platform with Appointment Booking, Video Consultation, X-Ray, USG using DICOM/ OHIF Viewer and Payment Processing.

Custom Ortho/Spine Consult Platforms

Custom TeleNutrition Solutions

At Prologic Technologies, we created one of its kind Telenutrition Platform for a startup in United States.

This innovative Diet Consultation Platform seamlessly integrates Online Video Consultation using WebRTC, full featured Appointment Module with Diet Logs, Goal Settings, Secure Online Payment Processing and robust admin section.

Custom TeleNutrition Solutions

Fitness & Wellness Applications

We are adept in developing Fitness & Wellness Apps integrated with Fitness Devices like Wi-things (Nokia Health), Fitbit, Alivecor, iHealthLabs etc.

You can perform Proactive Healthcare Data Analysis and trigger Intelligent Health Alerts.

Fitness &  Wellness Applications

Relevant Works

Innovative Telemedicine Platforms
With Seamless User Experience

Nutrimedy case study
Nutrimedy logo

One of Its Kind HIPPA Secure TeleNutrition Platform

TeleNutrition Platform, Telemedicine Solutions, Diet Consultancy Platforms

Key Features: Easy to setup Dietician availability and recurrence schedule. Intuitive and quick Appointment Booking. Seamless payment processing with Stripe Connect. Efficient use of TokBox Opentok API for live video consults and real time text chat. Easy screen sharing module to share Diet Logs, Cuisine Pics etc.

Doocle study
doocle logo

Bespoke Orthopedics/Spine Consultation Platform

Telemedicine Solutions, Spine Consultation Platform, Telemedicine Platforms

Key Features: HIPAA Secure Orthopedics/Spine Telemedicine Consultation, View USG, X-Rays etc. using Collaborative DICOM Viewer, Online Prescriptions, Payments using WorldPay, MDT Sessions with Video Recordings

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