5 Fundamental Visual Storytelling Techniques

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visual storytelling techniques


Storytelling is an amazing way to spread awareness about your brand, product, or organization. People love stories and when you present your content in form of a story, it bounds to engage users & keep them, coming back again.

Below are 5 fundamental visual storytelling techniques:


Conflict in a story is something that will resonate with your audience & can overcome any obstacle of the story. 


Make sure every part of your story should be meaningful & lead to a climax or conclusion. 


 Using more visually complex elements can distract people’s interest & leave them disinterested. 


Contrast plays is among the greatest visual storytelling techniques. Charlie Chaplin, the star of silent movies, was a master of contrast. 


Alfred Hitchcock’s rule says, to draw the viewer’s attention just make the important object bigger in size than anything else.

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