How To Create Content Marketing Strategy

content marketing strategy

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content marketing strategy


If you have are just starting your online business, you might already be aware of content marketing strategy. It’s a way to spread words about your services, brand, ideas, & mission to the outside world.


Having a strong content marketing strategy is crucial to being successful in online business. In the post below you will learn about the crucial aspects of Content marketing.

Research your target market 

  • Psychographic 
  • Behavioral 
  • Demographic 
  • Lifestyle 

Conduct keyword research 

  • Reasonable monthly search volume
  • Aren’t overly aggressive
  • Have the appropriate search intent 

Audit your social media & content 

  • Most engaging content 
  • Best performing content in SERP

Examine related Quora and Reddit questions

  • Industry related questions
  • Key word based questions

Conduct competitor analysis 

  • Their customer reviews 
  • Pricing and market value.

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