6 Secrets For Better Web App Development

Web App Development

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Technical advancement and ease of internet access have paved the way for products and services to reach maximum consumers. This can be achieved through a professional web application. A web application allows users to access the platform without downloading or installing it anywhere. They can simply log in to the web application and start using it right away on their phones or computers.


With the increasing demand for web applications, rise in web development firms around the globe is evident. However, not all of them are smart enough to deliver the quality a web application needs to be effective. Reason being they are not aware of the secrets essential in designing and developing an excellent web application.


In this post, we are going to reveal those hidden secrets to make you understand web app development process in a better way.


Value Your Audience Not Features


Web App Development

Focusing on your customer/audience needs is the first and foremost important secret for a successful web app development. It’s important to put yourself in customer’s shoes before deciding the tech stack or what features your application must-have. It’s essential to value the requirements and opinions of the audience instead of what you or your organization thinks is best.


Keep in mind, you are not just developing a web application rather you are solving a problem. If the motive of solving problem is not fulfilled, that app won’t be successful regardless of the technology used or functionality of the app.


Consider Providing Multiple Option

Web App Development


Limiting options in some cases could be beneficial to provide better User Experience. But in others, providing multiple options has proved to be more convenient for the users. Like, it would be better if users have option to upload pictures either by dragging in or going through file manager to identify them. Moreover, not having multiple options to create account can frustrate users and eventually force them to give up on apps.


Understanding How To Utilize Scrolling

utilise scrolling


A typical issue with Web application development is the smaller screen. However, putting useful information at the top does not imply that scrolling down the screen must be an issue. You need to give users a compelling reason for them to scroll down the screen else they might won’t. Application must be designed in a way that users find it reasonable enough to visit every part of your webpage.


Efficient Use of Whitespace



The concept of less is more still holds true. What if I tell you that negative space or whitespace on your webpage assists you in achieving great design?


Yes, it’s true, in spite of being among the top factors of website design it’s still somehow underrated. It’s not necessary to fill every inch of your webpage with texts or images.


Whitespace is not merely just blank space in fact it allows objects to exist on your webpage. Studies have proved that whitespace around text increases its readability and enhances user experience. Whitespace, when used in appropriate proportions, makes it easy for users to navigate your application easily.

Loading Time Influence Site Ranking 

Web App Development


When users visit your web application you just have 3-5 seconds to leave an impression on them. Turns out to be “First Impression is the Last Impression” exists even in the virtual world. The experience you provide through your website in this limited-time determines whether or not the user will turn into a potential customer or not.


In case your app takes more time to load, certainly users are going to get frustrated and look for other platforms. It certainly will lead you to loss in business. Moreover, quite a while back google passed a rule in which they started considering the loading time to rank them.


Make User Testing a Part of Development

user testing


Testing plays a vital role in getting to understand users. Testing Applications once a month throughout the entire development cycle is considered as a good practice. This testing process does not need to be expensive or time-consuming. However, putting regular efforts on testing can improve the performance of your application drastically.


Even small increments in conversions can be significant and it can be achieved if all the elements are optimized properly.



We have shared the basic and most important secrets for better web app development. Following these secrets can assist you in creating an application that would catch every user’s eyes. You can keep on visiting this space to know more about UI/UX, web & mobile development, and many more technical secrets.

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