How To Increase Online business Visibility

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There is a very accurate and factual saying “What’s being seen is sold”.


Imagine, you opened a shop, filled it with quality evergreen products, provided lucrative offers, spent handsomely on the interiors, and hire the best sales team. After all these efforts, growth remains static and very few people visit your shop. A quick analysis shows that your business is out of the reach of customers and has very little visibility, reason being your business is located on the outskirts of the city.


Now you’re left with just two options. Either sit and wait for customers to come, that sounds unlikely to happen, or to shift your business within the reach of the city that would again require a huge investment.


Same goes for digital business if you don’t have the required business visibility on web, your business can suffer a long time. You can provide high-quality services, tempting offers, and do everything every person desires being a customer. But if you don’t have the required visibility and people don’t recognize your brand, eventually you are going to be on the loosing end.


But unlike traditional business, you don’t need to relocate your online business to increase its visibility. There are a few factors you can consider to stand out of the competition and make an impactful presence throughout the web. To help you out we have mentioned those factors briefly below:


Build your own website


Business Visibility

Website is one of the most important tools that gives you full control over your business. In this digital era, it’s shocking to see how so many businesses still ignore having a website. Studies suggest that a buyer expects you to have a website with all the important business information in one place.

Create Quality and Engaging Content

Business Visibility


Creating and sharing quality content through your social media platform helps your business get the required business visibility on the web. Writing blogs, short posts and stories would allow you to build a strong relationship with the existing customers; they can share your content, give u feedback, it also helps you to bring in new customers as posts have the ability to reach anyone on the internet.


How to make content engaging?


  •         Use infographics
  •         Use images and videos
  •         Examples and stories can be used to explain
  •         Use slide shares
  •         Write for your audience


Ask Influencers For Help

Business Visibility


Influencer marketing is a great way to increase your brand awareness; it gives your business the required exposure to reach a targeted audience. When an influencer shares your content through social media platform, they are sharing it with thousands of potential customers at a time.


While hiring influencers, look out for the people who are interested in type of products and services your business offers. For example, if your company sells sports products, you can look out for any sportsperson to work with.


There are various tools available on the web to help you find the right influencer for your business; some of them are listed below:



These tools allow you to search for influencers by using keywords on twitter and Instagram and send them a personalized email.


Once you have identified the right influencer for your business, get in touch with them, be friendly and respectful, and give them a valid reason to work with you.


Offer Incentive To Your Customers

Business Visibility


Giving incentives to your customers along with influencers has proved to be a vital tool to increase brand awareness.


You can run a contest and give away free products or shout-out to the customers who mention your business or products on social media. It’s necessary to remind customers why they should engage with your business.


For example, Hydroflask ran a giveaway on instagram, where people have to follow @hydroflask and two of their friends on the comments to win a 32-oz. Hydroflask. That post proved to be engaging and had gained around 12,500 likes at the cost of 2 hydroflask bottles.


That contest was fun and attention-grabbing and helped hydroflask to gain 200k new followers.

Optimize Your Website For Keywords

website optimization


Optimizing websites with keywords will help people to find you when they are looking for solutions and may not know whom to turn to. If you are able to identify the keywords and use them appropriately on the header you can broaden your reach and bring more people to your website.


If you fill your website with appropriate keywords google will rank your website higher on the search results, which ultimately will help you in increasing company’s visibility and brand awareness.


Don’t Be Dead On Social Media

Take advantage of social media


You must have an account of social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, google+ through which you can share content regularly. Identify where your target audience is and use those social media channels appropriately.


Required business visibility and brand awareness can be achieved by posting content that is useful for your audience. To make sure people read your content you can use hashtags and groups to share your content. If anyone comments on your content always try to engage in the conversation. This way you are allowing you and your firm to be seen by people.


Optimize Your Website For Mobile


Business Visibility

When more than 50% of the web traffic comes from mobile, it’s imperative for you to have a mobile-friendly website. Otherwise, you are driving customers away. It would be even better if you have a mobile application to serve your mobile customers. Apps are faster and allow you to send notifications to customers that tend to turn back customers on your website.


Having a mobile-friendly website and application are two efficient ways to serve your customers and have more engagement with them.


Sponsorship And Partnership



Partnership with various organizations to get your company’s name on billboards, signs, and brochures as event sponsors help your business. Moreover, organizing events like a marathon, gala dinner, etc. can help you get the desired visibility both nationally and internationally.


Why the Company’s Visibility Matters?

Why visibility matters



  • Let users easily find your website on their own.
  • It helps in increasing brand reputation & awareness and determines how your business is perceived in the marketplace.
  • A unique brand reputation lets you stand out from your competitors.
  • Earning unique daily visitors can help you support your business.



Whether you are a small, mid, or large organization selling almost anything from a tiny pin to a sports car. You would require visibility of your business in order to grow it and communicate with customers. To put efforts in the right direction, proper knowledge of the targeted audience is required. Some of the above-listed points can be a good start to focus on increasing brand awareness and company’s visibility.


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