7 Best Practices For Software Testing

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Software testing


Successful software testing determines that the product is free from all the potential errors that can occur and is ready for users to start using it. However, you need to follow standard procedures & practices for optimal results.

Some best practices for software testing are as follows:

Document Observations for Reports

Keeping notes and observations of all the testing activities provide a great training module & form basis for documents and manuals.

Do Regression Testing

Regression Testing allows you to practice agile development that ensures the updated code doesn’t cause another issues.

Test Throughout the Life Cycle

When you conduct testing throughout the software development cycle, it lessens the burden during quality analysis.

Clean the Code

Being the last stages of software development cycle, testing is crucial & investing in secure testing environment is not an option but necessity.

Secure Testing Environment

Following the process of cleaning code make your code concise and it becomes easier for other developer to follow it in future.

Build a Targeting Operating Model

Targeting operating model is a flexible way that allows to manage the workflow & keep track of all the progress.

Separate Security and Performance

Performance Testing and Security Testing are all about generalizing application behavior. Separating both can enhance the quality of final product.

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