Benefit of Mobile Apps Over Responsive Websites

Benefit of mobile apps

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The increasing demand for mobile devices has influenced the behaviors of customers a lot. The way they search products, receive information and make a purchase has significantly changed over the course of time.


In order to be successful, a company needs to be adaptive even though it would be difficult to implement those changes in the early stages. A general question that arises these days is whether to go with a mobile application or a responsive website for business operations.

Some Interesting Facts About Mobile Apps

mobile apps


  • Google play store contains around 3 million applications, which is the highest of any other app store. Apple Appstore stood second with 1.85 million apps – Statista.


  • With Approx 4.6 billion downloads in the last decade, Facebook topped the list of the most downloaded apps.


  • Statista reported that the total revenue generated by mobile applications in 2019 was 461.7 billion US Dollars.


  • On average, a person spends 4 hours 40 min. on mobile applications daily, that comprises approx ⅕ our day.


  • Tinder managed to grab the top spot in non-gaming app revenue generation. Generating around 433 million US Dollars in the first half of 2020.

Lets’ have a look at a few major benefit of mobile apps:

Mobile Apps Are Faster

mobile app are faster


In today’s competitive business world, providing the fastest possible service to your customer is a must. When it comes to mobile apps vs responsive websites, mobile apps are relatively much faster than websites.


Even a well designed and optimized website couldn’t reach the speed of a mobile application. Moreover, the frameworks used in developing mobile apps are much faster than those scripts used for website development. Even a slight lag or latency can cause a massive loss in business.


Online & Offline Capacities

Benefit of mobile apps


One of the most amazing features of mobile apps is that we can access them offline. Mobile apps store the relevant data locally and it works fine in both online and offline mode. The ability to use apps offline is perhaps the main advantage of using a mobile app.


Providing offline access to content, in turn, helps in enhancing the user experience of your customers. Though even mobile apps need an active internet connection to perform critical actions like payments and shopping, they still provide basic functionality & content for users.

Personalized Content

personlized conent


Personalized content is highly customized or tailor-made content that fits perfectly with users’ preferences. Mobile apps allow users to select their choice and preference so they could enjoy content selected exclusively for them. Which in turn would help in reducing the time users spend searching.


On the other hand, there is very little or no scope of personalized content. Mobile apps are further capable of observing user’s behavior and offer customized recommendations.


Benefits of Personalized Content


  • Increase conversions and sales
  • Build Passionate audience
  • Improves lead nurturing
  • Build Relationships with customers

Device Features


Benefit of mobile apps

Mobile applications can use the features of your device consistently. It opens an incredible chance to engage with the clients beneficially. For instance, applications can request that consent to access the camera, location, contacts, and so on to simplify the process.


Additionally, mobile applications can use warning functionalities and safety efforts to offer quality support. In this way, using the various highlights of gadgets mobile application can provide an outstanding experience to the clients.


As we discussed, the benefit of Mobile apps outnumbers responsive websites. Especially, with the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning practices, innovative ways are being developed to provide customers with an exceptional User Experience.

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