Top 5 eCommerce App Development Trends

eCommerce app development trends

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eCommerce is among the few industries that have shown tremendous growth in the past few years. In 2019 total eCommerce revenue was estimated at US$ 3.53 trillion, which is expected to reach 4.92 trillion in 2021.


This shows that the eCommerce industry is booming across the globe and people are appreciating this revolution of Online buying which encourages the sellers to adapt to these changes and set up an online store.


So if you are a store owner who wants to take business online or someone who’s looking to revamp the old mobile app, you must follow the latest trends to generate maximum Return On Investment.


Below we have shared the best possible eCommerce app development trends.

Voice Commerce

ecommerce trends


The global smart speaker market is expected to reach US$ 20 billion with a whopping CAGR of 21.12 % by 2024. This shows the acceptance and increasing demand for smart speakers are increasing across the globe.


With smart speakers gaining such popularity we could possibly see smart speakers making their way into our shopping process. Therefore, if you are looking to get into an eCommerce business make sure to include voice command features in your mobile application.


Tips To customize your eCommerce app for voice search:


  • Content Optimization for voice queries
  • Simple flow of buying through voice search
  • Provide a sample of voice-based navigation for users
  • Develop & Add new skills on different smart speakers like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Omnichannel Selling

Ecommerce treds


Modern customers are not bound to a single channel, therefore omnichannel selling becomes the need of business these days. Customers have multiple options to buy from like Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and eBay.


So, if you won’t consider omnichannel selling in your development strategy, you might miss a lot of potential customers. We have mentioned a few tips on enhancing the omnichannel experience.


  • Provide Customized User Experience
  • Use cloud commerce tools like SAP
  • Go with PWA (Progressive Web APP) if you have a budget

Augmented & Virtual Reality

virtual reality


The rise of AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) has revolutionized many industries. Now, these technologies are all set to enhance the eCommerce business space with its astounding capabilities.


One downside of eCommerce is the inability to see and feel the product in real-time. The inclusion of augmented and virtual reality in the eCommerce industry will bridge this gap and provide customers with an improved experience.


Using Augmented Reality users would visualize the product in real-time. Whereas, virtual reality will connect the virtual world with the real one. Using VR online stores can provide an in-store experience to their customers for better customer satisfaction.

AI In eCommerce

eCommerece app development trends


Artificial Intelligence has already started showing its capabilities in bringing a change. eCommerce has been using Artificial Intelligence for better product recommendations to its customers. Though it was an emerging trend in 2020, experts are predicting the same for 2021.


By using Artificial Intelligence, the eCommerce industry can enhance the experience of their users by providing intelligent product recommendations.


Moreover, Artificial Intelligence would help eCommerce companies in analyzing upcoming trends, buyer behavior, best price & perfect place to list their products which in turn will boost the sales and revenue of the company.

Progressive Web App

ecommerce trends


PWA (Progressive Web App) is among the most popular trends in the eCommerce industry. Being in the eCommerce business you must innovate new ways to enhance your revenue and user experience of your customers. Progressive Web App is going to fulfill both needs of your eCommerce business.


In general PWA (Progressive web app) is a website that uses the form of a mobile application. PWA comes as a solution to high-cost Native & Hybrid applications as you can easily turn your website into a progressive web application. PWA can be used to provide a high-end user experience to customers.


Online shopping is gaining more and more popularity with every passing year. Buyers around the world are getting comfortable with buying online.


Ignoring the advantages of having a mobile application, a business would certainly lose lots of potential customers. Therefore, if you are planning to build a mobile website for your new eCommerce business or revamp the existing app, make sure to implement the eCommerce app development trends.


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