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Tokbox Opentok API has been at the forefront in webRTC technology solutions. Its been taken over twice since they started 10 years ago, first by Telephonica and then by Vonage which were among the most historical takeovers.

Tokbox improvised native webRTC code to launch a commercial flavor which is highly scalable and robust. They provide capabilities to embed one- to- one and many- to- many live video and audio sessions, real-time messaging, screen sharing, SIP connect etc. seamlessly in a website or mobile app using a feature rich API.

Prologic Technologies- Development Partner of Tokbox

Prologic Technologies started with Tokbox’s Adobe- flash based API until in 2014 when Tokbox launched Opentok Javascript SDK/ API. Tokbox offered us Agency Partnership and Prologic Technologies became the first company from India to be Development Partner of Tokbox, followed lately by Tech Mahindra.

Since then we have designed and developed many successful small, medium and large web and mobile applications using Tokbox Opentok API. We used them in following domains to develop various custom applications:

1. Bespoke Telemedicine Solutions
2. Shipping Vessel Service Automation
3. Media Entertainment Apps
4. Video Support Groups
5. Recruitment and Talent Acquisitions platforms etc.

What Tokbox Opentok API offers?

Tokbox focuses on Enhancing the user experience by building rich, embedded communications with any combination of video, voice and messaging. Tokbox API possess essential ingredients required to develop customized experience with capabilities like:

  1. Archiving – User can record live calls for later playback and these archives are automatically transferred to your Azure/ AWS S3 Bucket.
  2. Screen Sharing – User has the ability to share its full screen or a given application window.
  3. SIP Interconnect – Enables webRTC & telephony Interoperability.
  4. Signal API- Allows exchange of real-time notifications among all connected users.
  5. SMS/ Text- Enables users to send text messages to a given phone number.

With a proven track record of delivering many successful web and mobile applications using Tokbox Opentok API, Prologic technologies is now being counted as the Most Promising Telemedicine Solution Provider in India. We follow tailored development process to deliver an optimized User Experience for every webRTC project.

We at Prologic Technologies can help you design and develop your next Tokbox WebRTC application.
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