5 Step Guide to Creativity at Workplace

Creativity at Workplace

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Creativity at Workplace means thinking out of the box to generate new ideas and possibilities. Creativity is not just limited to Creative Heads and Design Department, in-fact every person can be creative by adapting a different thinking process and methodology.

To start with, a person should try to see everything around through the eyes of a transformer. Creativity might be natural to some but can be certainly developed and enhanced with the help of proven methods and techniques. Let’s discuss a few techniques to develop Creativity at Workplace.

Creativity is intelligence having fun

                                        – Albert Einstein

Creativity is about thinking different from others, trying to find as many possible solutions to a given problem, having the courage to try new options and wearing a positive attitude while facing challenges.

Few Effective Techniques to Develop Creativity at Workplace


Try to develop a keen sense of observation for things happening around you, your colleagues, their behavior, the topics you discuss etc. Just start observing anything and everything around you through the eyes of a transformer. For this you will have to become a good listener; so speak less and think thoughtfully.

Working on developing this skill, will give you a new insight to everything around and you would often wonder how different everything has become.


Moving towards to next step to get Creativity at Workplace for it you have to come out of your shell and let go of apprehensions and fears like “What people will say”?, “Will I be criticized for this idea”?, “What if this idea doesn’t take off”?

Defy all such inhibitions, show some courage and come out with as many ideas as you can without considering the acceptance or rejection of those.


Start seeing your daily problem differently and try to find some positive meaning in those problems instead of complaining about your problems. A few examples below will show how you can find positivity in a daily stressful situation.

  • A Tight Budget = Financial Goals To ACHIEVE
  • Workplace Pressures = A CAREER
  • People Who Are Unkind = A Reminder That You ARE
  • Nights Spent Studying = Accomplishing A DREAM
  • Early Wakeup = Children & family to LOVE
  • House to clean = Safe place to LIVE
  • Lots of noise = People in my LIFE
  • Sore +Tired in bed = I am still ALIVE

Once you have adapted this step, positive thinking will be your guiding light and remember, best results and ideas comes to Positive Thinkers ONLY !!


Lateral thinking is solving of problems by an indirect and creative approach, typically through viewing the problem in a new and unusual light. Here are a few self- explanatory methods to develop a new thinking pattern

  • Alternatives: Use concepts to breed new ideas
  • Focus: Sharpen or change your focus to improve your creative efforts
  • Challenge: Break free from the limits of accepted ways of operating as a tool
  • Random Entry: Use unconnected input to open new lines of thinking.
  • Harvesting: Select the best of early ideas and shape them into usable approaches.
  • Treatment of Ideas: Develop ideas and shape them to fit an organization or situation.

Cultivating a “new thinking pattern” might sound very difficult and frustrating but trust me it will get you the desired results. It’s like learning to ride a bicycle when you were 5 years old, frequent falls and bruises but at the end you did that. You will do this as well 🙂


While learning these techniques and working on adapting them you should always remember to constantly restructure and reorganize your thinking pattern. The more you do so the more you will gain out of it. Restructuring your thinking process and thoughts will allow you to become more receptive to new ideas and concepts thereby enhancing creativity in you.

While practicing this last step, try to feel the difference its making to your lifestyle and vision about everything around you and enjoy it. This is the onset of a new journey!!

Now since you are aware of these very effective and proven techniques to develop and enhance Creativity at Workplace start practicing them. Creativity is not a copyright of Designers, Web developers, Media Persons, Actors or Artists; Everyone of us is born creative and have creative abilities.

You just need to recognize those inside you and then bring them to daily use with the help of these techniques and circulate Creativity at Workplace.


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