Must Have Learning Management System Features

Learning management system features

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From expanding user retention by 25% to an increment in the income development rate for 42% of organizations, eLearning has demonstrated once again to be a priceless asset for success in business. With multiple eLearning platforms available choosing the right one gets really bewildering. In this post, we going to focus on some effective Learning management system features.

Intuitive User Experience

intuitive user experience


The ultimate purpose of an LMS (learning management system) is to teach & educate learners. These learners could be corporate employees, students, or other specific groups.


With a wide audience range, it becomes crucial for an LMS to enrich each user’s experience. By providing an intuitive user experience usability and acceptability by users can be enhanced.


Make sure your LMS is user-friendly and users can access or retrieve information easily. Furthermore, it should guide users along their learning journey to make it smoother.

Content Management Is Trending LMS Feature

content management system


Not only the learners but also teachers need easily usable content management features. As they would require it to schedule their classes and syllabus for different classes.


Moreover, they need to organize various quizzes, tests, exams and upload multiple videos, therefore, having an easy-to-use content management system helps in hassle-free management.


Empowering your LMS with robust content management is significant for boosting usability and simplifying the learning process. To get the desired advantages of eLearning you must invest in an LMS with intuitive CMS.

Mobile Friendliness Is Trending LMS Feature

Learning management system features


It’s a no-brainer that the “ease of access” mobile devices provide, it becomes the primary choice to access every type of digital content. A plethora of businesses have already adopted this mobile-friendly approach for a better user experience.


Your LMS portal at the very least should have a mobile responsive design. When you start delivering learning services over mobile devices, you have a pretty fair chance of achieving the desired usability.

Assessment and Reports

reports & results


Every learning program needs testing to access the knowledge and skills students have gathered during training. You must provide ways for teachers to organize tests & quizzes with ease.


In case you’re running an eLearning business your instructors ought to have the option to know which of their students have finished specific learning tasks. It should have the option to track and give an account of a student’s advancement through the learning process.


This would help the educators in realizing the difficulty level of their study material and students who might require special consideration. You can go considerably further and implement automated marking of the tests and quizzes.


gamification in LMS


Learning can sometimes be boring for the vast majority of learners. And it’s not limited to school & college learning but also corporate learning and training.


Instructors and teachers consistently need to discover approaches to make learning more engaging for their students. It is essential for the foundation from the branding and advertising point of view, also as they need to show extraordinary outcomes.


Gamification is the use of game-design components in a business or other software. In your e-learning application, this would include rewarding points, badges, prizes, and ranking to the students.


Studies have shown that such game-based mechanics advance friendly contests, keeps the students intrigued and engaged, and helps them in retaining knowledge longer.


E-learning applications are unarguably the eventual fate of the education industry. What’s more, online learning platforms are not really basic tools for a specific reason anymore. Instead, they are very much capable to serve multiple audiences having interests in identical fields.


Which all learning management system features will frame the center of your LMS application will generally rely on the necessities and objectives of your business. We’d love to hear your opinion and would be happy to assist you with beginning progressing nicely to dispatch your LMS effectively.

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