Why User Experience Matters In eCommerce

user experience in eCommerce

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User experience in eCommerce is all about the perception of customers during or after interacting with a business.


User experience is nothing new in regard to business – be it traditional or modern. It holds the same value it had before the evasion of technology & innovation like e-commerce took place.


Imagine shopping in a physical store with no salesperson to assist you. Even if there’s one, he/ she is busy with their phone and showing no importance to customers.


It might leave you disheartened or feel insignificant and the chances of you won’t visit that store again are pretty high.


The same principle applies to the eCommerce industry or let’s say, user experience has attained even more significance with the rise of eCommerce.


Reports suggest that around 88% of users don’t visit a website again after a poor experience. While a general website has 3-5 seconds to make an impact, for eCommerce the threshold time is just 2 seconds.


The competition is fierce & if you can’t provide the experience customers seek, they will choose your competitor who does.

Ways To Enhance User experience In eCommerce

UX (User experience) holds the key to a successful eCommerce business. Customers become brand advocates once they feel satisfied and trust the business. So broad research about users’ needs, likes, and motivations is required to offer an optimal experience.


Below are some effective ways to enhance the user experience of your eCommerce store:

Optimize for mobile

mobile-first design


With over 4 billion mobile internet users globally, the need of optimizing your eCommerce website is more significant than ever. Moreover, Google uses mobile-first design as a key metric to rank websites on search results.


Make sure your website is optimized for all types of digital devices & works perfectly across every device.

Maximize loading speeds

user experience in eCommerce


A website that fails to load quickly is bound to lose customers. Research suggests that the attention span time of users is decreasing and as we discussed above it’s even lower in the case of eCommerce.


People these days expect a smooth and fast shopping experience. And businesses that fail to fulfill customers’ desires fail to grow as a business.

Easy navigation

easy navigtaion in Ecommece website


Navigation of a website is a crucial aspect of the user experience. Cluttered navigation may confuse users and cause them to leave your website.


“Around 38% of users leave the website due to its confusing design “


A good design is something that guides users through your website. Therefore, put more emphasis on site navigation while designing your website.

Personalize  experience

user experience in eCommerce


A recent study revealed that providing a personalized experience can boost your sales by almost 8%. Personalization can be done in many ways, for instance, showing relevant products based on customers’ interest, providing relevant discounts & coupons, etc.


“People don’t buy from the one they know but the one they trust”


When you help people find the product they need it forms a kind of trust & relationship. A happy customer is most likely to be a regular customer & also advocates your brand.

Simple and easy checkout process

simple & easy checkout process


A checkout process is the last yet highly essential step to make a sale. A complex and poor checkout process confuses or frustrates users, resulting in a higher number of abandoned carts.


Some tips for an effective checkout process:


  • Avoid asking unnecessary Details
  • Allow using Gmail or FB to complete a transaction
  • Refrain from any distraction on checkout page
  • Avoid cluster of information or detail on checkout page


A successful business is centered around its customer needs and provides optimal results.

Don’t ignore the above-mentioned steps and allow your competitors to outmaneuver your business.


Always remember that your customers are just one click away from your competitors. So, keep no stone unturned in providing the best possible experience to your customers.

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