Must Include Features In eCommerce Application

Features In eCommerce Application

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The eCommerce business is developing at a quick rate with technical advances like mobile applications and customers are accepting them in their everyday life. It is a lot simpler for the customers to shop from a mobile application than an eCommerce site. Therefore, it becomes pivotal to include the most important features In eCommerce Application.


It’s expected that by 2022, 54% of the total online sales will be done through mobile applications. To make an app successful it’s imperative to add essential features that an eCommerce must-have.


Let’s have a look at the must include features in eCommerce application:

Custom Branding and Configuration

Features In eCommerce Application


It is significant for each eCommerce business to have its own custom logo, name, & branding, and so forth alongside the correct color schemes. The Mobile application Creator permits the store administrator to dispatch the shopping application under their site/business name and worth.


Instinctive color tone and textual style are there to make the shopping application look appealing and captivating for front-end customers. The whole look and feel of the eCommerce Mobile App can be controlled over a couple of mouse snaps and toggles.

Handy Marketing & Promotion Tool

marketing tool



Message pop-ups are one of the significant features of eCommerce Mobile Apps regarding driving sales. The custom push-notification can be utilized to provide consistent suggestions to the clients about the most recent product, offers, & coupons on the eCommerce application.


Studies show that more clients like to buy on the eCommerce application in the wake of pop-up notifications.

Simpler Login & Checkout

Features In eCommerce Application


Make a point to keep the registration/ login easier for the front-end users. Long and complex signup processes in eCommerce applications can bother clients and they can wind up leaving the Android or iOS applications.


It is very significant for the store administrator to grab client’s interest to spur them for additional sales.

Multi-lingual & RTL Support

Features In eCommerce Application


It isn’t feasible for the store administrator to build different applications for different languages. Having one language in the eCommerce application would affect the business negatively. Therefore, app developers offer integration of multiple languages viable applications including RTL (Right To Left) content.


The module will support all the languages on the application and permit the store administrator to sell across borders and target both local as well as global audiences.

All Payments & Shipping Method Support


Features In eCommerce Application

Customers in general shop more if they are getting great delivery and payment choices. Offering different payment and delivery alternatives upgrades the inclination of purchasing more. In fact, the store administrator can easily incorporate all the payment and delivery methods available on the eCommerce site into the Mobile App. However, the front-end customer will experience a similar kind of checkout process on the site and mobile applications.

Real-time Inventory Update

Inventory update


It is extremely hard for the store administrator to deal with the stock on the site and mobile applications. Therefore,  application extensions like Mobile App Maker naturally synchronized with the website inventory. The changes will be updated automatically in the application as they are made on the store’s stock.


Rating and Feedback

Features In eCommerce Application


Client rating and feedback are a lot significant for any eCommerce business and work as a guide for other people. The client product review and rating alternatively assist in improving the satisfaction level of clients. Indeed, this results in customers recommending your products & services and increase the sales of your eCommerce store.


Wishlist Functionality



Wishlist is yet another amazing feature that you must integrate into your eCommerce application. However, it’s not easy for users to select products out of the big list and requires time. Wishlist allows users to add products to the list and access them later to make a purchase.

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