Tips and Tricks For Effective Social Commerce

Effective Social Commerce

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There is no denying the fact that the world of online shopping is constantly changing. And keeping up with the latest trends has become a necessity for every business.


With the introduction of social commerce platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. the paradigm shifted towards social commerce. As a result, forced digital marketers & social media experts to re-evaluate their strategies to embrace the change in online shopping.


What is the Difference Between Social Commerce and eCommerce?


Effective Social Commerce

Usually, eCommerce takes place on a particular website or platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. Whereas, social commerce is identified as a subset of eCommerce that enables customers to make a purchase directly through social media platforms.


For instance, if a customer clicks on an ad for your product, he/she doesn’t have to exit the app as they can check out the process on the channel itself. This tactic has gained popularity from the past few years and people across the world are embracing this change.

Why Social Commerce?

Effective Social Commerce


Out of many benefits of effective social commerce simplifying the complete buying process stands on top of all. Now customers can purchase products right through social media channels without interrupting scrolling.


The trend of social commerce is more popular among the youngsters. Stats proved that 48% of users within the age group 18-34 prefer to opt for social media.


Not only customers but also various brands are readily adapting the model of social commerce.  Facebook and Instagram have seen a significant rise of 24% & 48% shoppable pages respectively.

4 tips and tricks for effective social commerce

Lower-Priced Items Sell BetterEffective Social Commerce

Lower-priced items perform better than luxury or high-end products in today’s landscape of effective social Commerce. The potential reasons could be, people follow the concept of “try before you buy” while dealing with expensive products.


Moreover, a wide range of customers hasn’t accepted the concept of social buying and make only impulsive purchases. Stats proved that the average shopping order value through social media channels is $ 79. That certainly proves that low-ticket items perform much better than high-ticket items.

Create an Automated Bot CheckoutEffective Social Commerce

When it comes to online shopping people don’t have the luxury to be guided by a real sales rep throughout the buying process unless we have an automated bot checkout.

The chatbox market is growing exponentially and its market value is about to reach 1.25 billion USD by 2025.


A chatbot can efficiently guide customers throughout the buying process and provide them with an exceptional User Experience.

Integrate Social Commerce Into eCommerce

intehrate social commerceWith the rise of numerous social media platforms, it becomes evident for every business owner to incorporate them into your eCommerce platform.


Integration of data across every platform is not easy. the reason why 50% of business owners don’t want to include it.
However, the concept of integrating social commerce with eCommerce deserves all the time and effort you put in.

Partnership With Influencerspartneshp with influencer

Influencer advertising has been around for some time now, and with around 30% of CMOs expanding their attention on this channel, it’s not going anywhere in near future.


Probably, the best advantage of putting resources into a social media channel is that utilizing influencers turns out to be excessively simple. They can utilize shoppable labels on Instagram to push buyers directly to your store, advancing items straightforwardly.


Furthermore, with 70% of US-based web clients following influencers with respect to a given online media channel, the chance to grow your compass is enormous.



With many social media platforms adopting the eCommerce model, businesses need to improvised their marketing tactics. A strong business presence on social media can enhance your sales abruptly. However, failing to do can leave you far behind your competitors.

So, it depends on you, if you want to take a high jump in business or accept falling behind. Certainly, you wouldn’t like the latter one in any case.

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