One of Our WebRTC Projects “Ask Ken” Featured in FoxNews

Ask Ken featured in FoxNews

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Prologic Technologies is proud to share that one of our projects “Ask Ken” featured in Fox News.

About AskKen

About Ask Ken

“Ask Ken” is the most trusted app for all kinds of home services and repair related jobs. Whether you need an electrician, appliance repair ‘Ask Ken’ has you covered all at a click of your finger.

Everything else you love about the home services stays the same. Through this app, you can book home repairs and maintenance services, such as carpenter, electrician,etc. This app connects homeowners who have home related repair or install needs, with certified experts. This option is easily available to the public at a time when the corona virus has made social distancing a way of life.

Why AskKen

How to use Ask Ken ?

People generally find themselves You-tubing DIY videos when they get in trouble but they are generic. This app is a rescue! Its Super simple, fast,easy to talk to with streamlined process from the beginning to end. Users pick a home repair category and then a more specific subcategory. It works in the following process.

  • Customer narrows  down the Issue
  • A professional is assigned & connected through video chat
  • It becomes easy to explain the issue with the help of video chat feature
  • A quick assistance from the professional is provided

Other Major WebRTC Projects by Prologic Technologies

Talk To Santa

Talk to Santa is one of the most innovative projects done by our organization. The idea behind it was to virtually connect people with world’s most famous person. Some of the major and interesting features of this projects are

  • Live video call with Santa
  • Personalized video message from Santa for your family, friends or co-workers
  • You can buy a gift certificate for your loved ones
  • Track where is Santa on Christmas eve

This platform became famous in no time and people all around the world appreciated the concept. If you want to try it once you can go to


Kameleya is another WebRTC solution made for our client . The main concept was to connect the offshore crew and onshore engineering team to communicate easily. A live video call enables the offshore crew members to connect with the engineering team present elsewhere. The engineering team then help the crew to troubleshoot the problem. The outcome was a joyful experience for both crew and the engineers. Furthermore, saving cost for the shipping company.


GOSH is another outstanding platform made for our client(Defeat MSA). It stands for Global Online Support Hub. This platform was created to help MSA patients with the help of computers and internet. The platform works in sessions supported by video conferencing and text messages. Every session is scheduled and moderated by volunteers having personal experience in dealing with brain disorders. Above all, the platform is free to use for both patients and individuals giving patient care.


What is WebRTC?

WebRTC is an open-source platform created by Google.It enables point-to-point communication between Web Browsers and Mobile applications. It eliminates the need to install plugins and allows us to make better RTC applications, that can be used in chrome, firefox, android, IOS, etc.


We as a company believe in providing complete satisfaction to our clients by creating innovative and useful digital products. We are prudent in choosing our partners. Being associated with likes of Apple, Google Play, Tokbox, TiE and CII; gives us exclusive access to cutting edge technologies, mentoring, networks and knowledge pool.
Such powerful associations blended with our innovative and user-centric approach, broadens our vision, adds value to our deliverables, and makes us stand out from the crowd.

Build similar for Virtual Consultations with Prologic Technologies. We are Bespoke web and mobile development agency which specialize in WebRTC application development. We are preferred agency partners of Tokbox and have delivered over 60 web and mobile apps using Tokbox Opentok API.

Prologic Technologies is a Credible Digital Agency for Bespoke WebRTC,  Web and Mobile Applications, Custom eCommerce Platforms, Telemedicine Solutions, UI/UX Designs, Alexa Skills and Chat bots.
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