Responsive Web Design Is A Necessity

responsive web design

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Responsive web design has already gained popularity due to rise of mobile culture and today Responsive Web Design is a Necessity. If your website is not accessible on smart phone or tab then don’t expect users to ever come back to your website.

While designing a responsive website the layout has to be managed for all device types and major screen sizes. This flexibility can be achieved using Technology Stacks like Bootstrap or FlexBox. Then fine tuning it for multiple browsers via Media Queries for different screen resolutions.

Why Responsive Web Design Is A Necessity?

Mobile browsing is on rise each day and people feel more comfortable using mobile internet as it provides easy of use and flexibility to access the web content anywhere – anytime. Here are a few reasons as why it’s necessary to create responsive and mobile friendly websites and how it can drive traffic to your website:

1. Over 60% of traffic comes from mobile users. If your website is not mobile friendly then you are highly likely to loose this segment of users and will significantly reduce your reach.

2. Having a mobile responsive UI UX design for your website can faster engage customers with reduced attention span and those who are looking for small bits of information before they dive deeper.

3. It showcases your UI UX skills to your target audience. The better your responsive layout, better your skill rating will be among your target user base.

4. Helps in better SEO ranking on search engines and Google Page Speed. Search engines ranks mobile friendly websites higher as they can capture more audience.

5. Reduced response time and better connectivity with your users while they are on move is possible only via a mobile friendly and responsive web design.

After all your website is your first impression to your target audience/potential clients, you need to keep it polished while showcasing the best of your skills and capabilities.


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