Telemedicine Solutions with Artificial Intelligence

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 Intelligence (AI) has enabled healthcare providers to take enlightened decisions via proactive data analysis and targeted advice. Telemedicine Solutions with Artificial Intelligence have tremendous potential to re-shape global healthcare scenario in the coming years.

Artificial Intelligence enables healthcare software to remotely analyze patient’s vital statistics and automate certain tasks based on AI algorithms. For example in AI-based decisions, automation is to analyze certain health data and trigger alert indicating health conditions of patient. Such intelligent systems not only help identify high-risk conditions but can proactively alert patient of any upcoming abnormality.

Specialties like Neurology, Cardiology, and Psychiatry, etc. rely on efficient AI systems in order to detect an abnormal condition and take a better response action/ decision proactively. Moreover, With a large number of hospitals embracing Telemedicine Solutions with Artificial Intelligence, patients can expect an easier, faster, and better diagnosis in coming years.

Contribution of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare becomes significantly important as it enhances the ability of any healthcare system to take data-driven decisions automatically. Telemedicine solution providers are now developing seamless Telemedicine platforms with custom Algorithms for proactive/ preventive healthcare.

Telemedicine Solutions and AI

Countries like US and UK are leaning more towards Telemedicine and are counting on promising Telemedicine Solution Providers to design and develop bespoke Telemedicine solutions with AI, ALEXA, Machine Learning, and more. Here are a few advantages of such custom healthcare platforms:

Treatment Automation

Many such ingenious platforms with AI can suggest possible treatments based on patient’s PHI data, prescriptions, and current symptoms. Such AI-based platforms automate various operations like Patient Admission, Reports, and Diagnosis Management, Diet Goals, Prescriptions, and even discharge.

Notifications are triggered at appropriate times to family members or care managers if any action is required on their part.

Palliative Care Programs

Patients with Life-limiting illnesses are mostly confined to their homes and monitoring their medication and health statistics is a challenge. Telemedicine Solutions with Artificial Intelligence has enabled healthcare providers to come up with innovative Palliative Care Programs.

Targeted at touching lives of otherwise left outpatients, these AI-enabled healthcare platforms are providing better care to elderly and disabled people confined to their homes.

24X7 Realtime Support

Some AI-enabled Telemedicine Solutions now assure round the clock monitoring and accessibility to medical care from comfort of your home. Digital devices like eStethoscope, Blood pressure, and Blood Sugar monitors, Mobile ECG Monitoring Strips, etc. have enabled real-time monitoring of health care statistics 24×7, while you are located away from hospital.

Reliable and Faster Decision Making

Advanced AI-enabled Telemedicine Platforms have enabled a seamless flow of reliable information between patient and healthcare provider. This enables medical professionals to take decisions faster and proactively react to emergency and abnormal situations thereby reducing risks and providing efficient medical care.

How AI-Enabled EHRs & Telemedicine Solution Providers are Transforming Healthcare?

Emerging technologies in healthcare sector are urging healthcare providers towards an exciting new frontier prompted by advancements in telecommunications sector and Information technology. These unprecedented solutions have enabled healthcare industry to reap profits and impart patient- centric care better than ever before.

There are two transforming innovations worthy mentioning in this article Telemedicine and Artificial intelligence based Electronic health records (EHR) respectively. Collectively they serve manifold advantages.

Artificial Intelligence Based EHR

Integrated Delivery System(IDS), and affiliated hospitals serve as prime foundation for healthcare delivery. Incorporating IDS with Artificial Intelligence makes Electronic Health Record flexible and Intelligent to improve data recovery and subsequent interpretation in order to reach a conclusive prognosis. Often taking longer time to complete, these records are often left incomplete by physicians resulting in inaccurate evaluation of patient. It is often seen that patients end up completing these questionnaires themselves resulting in innumerable errors. AI can be harnessed to make EHR more flexible and automated for medical professionals.

  1. Extraction from faxes and Clinical notes: Using AI, companies can extract structured data and use it to recognize key terms and reveal data insights
  2. Diagnostic Algorithms: Search Engine in collaboration with Delivery networks comes up with models using large data to predict serious conditions such as Cardiac Arrest. AI-derived image interpretation algorithms are created for identification of patterns of the changes. This can also subsequently lead to identifying treatment strategies for patient.
  3. Documentation: Natural Language processing using Artificial Intelligence allows physicians to attend their patients freely rather than worry about data entry.
  4. Clinical support: Clinical support has evolved into AI-enabled Machine Learning solutions from the old method of generic rule-based solutions.

These have helped address numerous issues like;

  1. Curtail medical errors or unfavorable set of events.
  2. Better documentation and organization of the patient records.
  3. Assists patients with their schedule planning such as doctor visits, prescriptions, and appointments.
  4. Opportunities to receive a virtual second opinion.

AI- A New Ray of Hope for Healthcare

Novel concepts like Patient Care Automation via Telemedicine Solutions with Artificial Intelligence has benefitted both patients and healthcare providers. One of most critical problems faced by caregivers and family members alike is taking care of elderly, disabled, or individuals suffering from chronic disease. Monitoring them to take medication on-time or their constant encouragement in moments of despair, depression and sadness has been a challenging area for healthcare providers and caregivers.

Healthcare units have hired Telemedicine Solution Providers to come up with smart software programs, encouraging such patients to adhere to their medical regime. Encouraging patients to use systems and personalizing it through addition of his profile or motivational quotes can go a long way in rehabilitation of the individual.

Future of Telemedicine Solutions with Artificial Intelligence

A new generation of Artificial Intelligence backed software programs can be installed on smartphones or tablets, desktops or laptop computers. These efficient solutions are responsible for efficient and secure transmission of data from vicinity of Ambulances, Emergency or your homes.

Room Patrolling of Robots through remote control using a software interface has been recently developed through imbibing concept of Artificial Intelligence and Vision systems for Navigation and Obstacle detection. Application of Artificial Intelligence can be used according to height and angle of screen for patient’s convenience.

Studies are ongoing for finding techniques to gather data on progress and rehabilitation of patients through smart device enabled platforms. Wireless sensors have enhanced scope of Telemedicine to transmit data that could help continuous monitoring of patients with grave diseases.

Applying Artificial Intelligence has tremendously helped in the systematic retrieval and analysis of the data. As mentioned applying chat bots leads to the automatic completion of the basic patient’s information through recording. Entire process from the completion of the patient’s information to eventual electronically dispatches it to the physician speeds up the prescription process subsequently.

Cloud Computing

Application of Cloud Computing shall significantly enhance speed of data retrieval and improved processing capacity. Main risk associated with Telemedicine is security of patient’s information. Studies in India to overcome this problem have suggested use of Algorithm for digital watermarking of medical images in order to secure the confidentiality of the diagnosis.

Hybrid Models

Artificial Neural Networks are slowly incorporated by leading healthcare facilities  . These technology inspired advancements utilize scope of hybrid models of neural networks to customize solutions. Going forward these models can be applied at higher levels to enable healthcare providers make decisions out of unstructured data.

With myriad healthcare issues to be overcome and growing rates of chronic and aging population, it is the need of the hour to provide innovative healthcare solutions. It’s no doubt that AI-enabled solutions have made baby steps towards problem and garnered attention towards it for long time. AI could play pivotal role in not only how the industry operates but also ensuring quality and optimal patient care.

Telemedicine Solutions with artificial intelligence, Geo-fencing, and historical data analysis can be used for medication reminders, activities, and mealtimes. It also offers proactive guard against triggers that generate behavioral disorders like anxiety, depression, Alcoholism, etc.


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