Benefits of Telemedicine for Patients and Healthcare Providers

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Benefits of Telemedicine for Patients and Healthcare Providers through its implementation supersedes the concerns that it may have. Never-ending queues outside hospitals and clinics add to an enormous amount of pressure on both physicians and patients. Cloud-based Telemedicine software platform for video consults is efficient and secure, taking care of patient’s privacy as a top priority. Certainly, ever-growing popularity of Telemedicine and emerging technologies has led to more and more health care units adopt Telemedicine recently.

Reason for adoption of Telemedicine is evident, for it allows the medical staff to treat patients from a distance, Moreover, reducing footfall in Hospitals and Healthcare facilities. Need of the hour is to implement a Bespoke Telemedicine Solution from an experienced Telemedicine Solution Provider and meet growing healthcare needs of the people.

Besides bridging the gap between medical care provider and the patient, Telemedicine adds value to both Patients and Healthcare Providers through following means:

Reduced Load on Hospitals/ Healthcare Facilities

Telemedicine has significantly reduced patient footfall in Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities consequently cutting back on the patient’s exposure to transmitted/ infectious diseases and Flu etc. Patients can consult Doctors via Tokbox Opentok API from their desired location.

Boost Practice Efficiency & Overall Revenue

Uploading of patient records on cloud-based secure repositories increases procedural efficiency by leaps and bounds. On the other hand, patients can schedule appointments with physicians 24×7 thereby increasing revenue generation for the Practice.

EHR /PMS Integration

Augmentation of Telemedicine benefits through Integration with the existing EMR/HER/PMS software has enabled the medical facilities to manage the operations and data effectively and seamlessly.

Prologic Technologies develops Custom Telemedicine Platforms/Softwares with capabilities like PHI Data, Appointment Scheduling, DICOM/ OHIF viewers, Payment processing etc.

Zero Travel Time

Unlike conventional appointments with Doctors, Telemedicine appointments are virtual in nature and thus can be conducted remotely. Both, Patient and Doctor can be at their respective convenient locations and have an appointment.
Travel time, in this case, reduces to zero leading to cost-effectiveness and less or practically zero no-shows.

Less Sick Leaves

One of the Telemedicine benefits that provide an edge over others is the convenience of having medical consults digitally. It thereby not only reduces the chances of employees having sick leaves to attend clinic appointments, but also adds to the productivity of the company.
Common ailments like cough, cold, fever etc. can be consulted over telemedicine call resulting in reduced sick leaves and enhanced productivity at office.

Seamless – Hassle free Payment Collection

Telehealth solutions have enhanced collection of payments, which was originally restricted to cash as the only form of payment. Telemedicine solutions integrated with payment gateways, provide easy and trouble-free management of payments, invoices, refunds and receipts.

Automated Insurance Eligibility And Streamlined Reimbursements

Healthcare Facilities/ Organizations with Telemedicine facilities have an automated system for self-pay/ insurance/ co- pay options for patients booking a Telemedicine consult. As per updated reimbursements insurance regulations and amount caps are applied automatically.
In some Custom Telemedicine Softwares, claims are automatically submitted to the insurance company and healthcare providers get paid seamlessly. This main benefit of Telemedicine has led to complete elimination of the paperwork involved in the settlement of the claims.

Data Sharing Between Various Departments

Another key benefit of Telemedicine is the coordination capability with other specialty departments or multi-disciplinary team consultations. By using online DICOM/OHIF viewers and centralized access to test reports any case can be discussed with ease across different specialties/ departments.

Attracting New Patients And Retaining The Prior Ones

Efficient Tele-health solutions enable medical professionals to reach more patients. Increased engagement and retention of patients is possible through use of Telemedicine. Considering the cost- benefits of Telemedicine, most of employers are providing coverage for Telemedicine Consults, which can attract more patients.

Benefits of Telemedicine- What Future Holds?

Telemedicine is all set to transform healthcare industry worldwide, though some still consider it with some apprehensions. Healthcare industry over the years have taken small strides towards telemedicine and now improved healthcare outcomes of Telemedicine are quite visible.

With advent of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics in Healthcare, Proactive healthcare systems are being developed for regular personalized health monitoring. Intelligent automated alerts and notifications in case of distress or emergency situations can help improve health and fitness statistics globally. With a little focus and targeted telemedicine solution, doctors can reap great returns on their investment via virtual visits.


Prologic Technologies has been a front-runner in development of secure bespoke Telemedicine Solutions.

As one of the most promising Telemedicine solution providers in the country, therefore we constantly improvise development of end to end HIPAA secure Telemedicine solutions resulting in enhanced patient care and increased ROI for clients.

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