Tips to Enhance Your Social Media Images

enhanc socail media images

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Studies suggest that around 90% of all the information perceived by our brain is visual or graphic, making it an even more important aspect of social media marketing strategy. Visuals tend to create a long-lasting effect on our memory.


Doesn’t matter how powerful or engaging your content is, people are going to ignore it unless it’s complemented by attractive and well-designed visuals.


Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and  Instagram are among major social platforms you can use to engage your audience. Social media is as competitive as it’s useful, the moment you post on social media it immediately starts competing with various other posts. So it becomes imperative to have a sound knowledge of how to enhance social media images to stand out from your competitors


In this post, we are going to discuss some of the simple & effective social media design tips:


How To Effectively Enhance Social Media Images?


    • Having consistency across all the social media channels is crucial to ensure your brand & business in offering the same messages to every audience. For instance, you post a gothic-type graphic on a social channel & bring and cheerful graphics to others, which will create confusion for the audience.


    • You must build your social media design based on your existing images that go well with your business identity.


    • You must keep your design flexible so you can blend into any situation. Example of excellent social media image is one that could easily be modified into the demands of the audience.


Enhance Social Media Images


One way social media can help you by increasing your brand visiting and awareness. By incorporating branding in your social media images you can significantly improve the social media design.


To stay consistent in your design, you need to remember 3 main components i.e. Color, Font, And logos. This consistency additionally helps you & your brand to create a distinctive Reputation.


However, your branding shouldn’t divert the visitor’s attention but just convey the message.


Enhance social media images


Help your visitors to comprehend data expeditiously and precisely utilizing the hierarchy visual. Through characterized visual qualities, for example, color, contrast, size, reiteration, and so on, designers can cause viewers’ eyes to follow an unmistakable understanding and direct visitors to the main components.


To take complete advantage of hierarchy design, build up the most significant message as the focal point of consideration and afterward apply the other plan speculations in the visual to make it stick out. When that is altogether, you can start to make your second or third snippets of data in without detracting from the general objective.




It’s acceptable to deliver a plan that catches visitors’ undistributed attention, however Attention itself won’t help much in Social media posting. Marketers believe their audience to be dynamic by liking, commenting, and sharing their substance. Hence, remember to incorporate a CTA (Call-To-Action) and urging text to your design.




Endeavor to deliver a few layouts for a similar kind of content. Accepting that you will create tutorials consistently, you may apply the layout for every posting. With instant formats, your audience will comprehend where the post comes from and what kind of message it conveys.


Another preferred position of using formats is that non-designers can make a speedy post for social media of their own. Plan on a couple of go-to layouts to save yourself some time.


Enhance Social Media Images


Your social media designs should be clear regardless of it is basic or complex. Try not to go over the edge with the plan and keep up the harmony among minimalism and instructive. You don’t have a lot of time to impact your supporters, so ensure your message is obvious.


Visual designs should be an urgent piece of any online media marketing strategy. You ought to consistently consider your image’s message and character while creating your plans, and don’t be reluctant to explore different avenues regarding your content to find what performs best.



Enhance Social Media Images

Getting visitors perused a text over a picture is a lot harder than getting them to notice the picture. That is the reason for picking best possible text style and arrangement is significant in making visuals for social media. Visitors reject complex typography on social media images.


Visitors need your message to be immediate and cognizant, to increase its readability.


All things considered, vigorously text-focused pictures can be exhausting. Attempt to incorporate important symbols to your message or play with sizes, shadings, and weights. Regardless of whether you go for a sans-serif textual style or a serif text style or any variety in between, make sure that your crowd can peruse your message obviously on the picture.


Color is one of the most important and troublesome features of any social-media image design. It assists with setting up the state of mind, develop an impression, communicate feelings, and even catch resilient individual experiences from the past.


In this manner, the creator should remember the message to pass on, the organization’s tone of expression, and the subtleties of a particular online media channel while picking the correct tone.


Social media plays a crucial role in determining the overall success of your business. A strong marketing strategy along with a brief knowledge of social media design can help you achieve the desired results. Including the above mentioned social media design tips in your strategy can enhance social media images of your business.


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