MindSpa- Advanced Alexa Skill to Manage Behavioral Issues


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Amazon Alexa Skill, can help build natural voice experiences that offer customers a more intuitive way to interact with the technology they use every day. Alexa skills can simplify almost any imaginable task through voice commands. Inspired by this we developed an Advanced Alexa skill- MindSpa.

The lifestyle of an average person has more problems than solutions; majority of them are psychological and due to our behavioral inability to cope up with daily life situations. Mind is the most powerful element of human beings that enables them to be aware of the world and its experiences.

MindSpa is a habit forming Alexa Skill that helps us understand and leverage the power of mind to cope up with our daily life behavioural issues like Anger, Stress, Low Confidence, Low Self Esteem, Anxiety etc. It can help you monitor and motivate yourself to resolve your daily life behavioral problems related to Anger Management, Stress Management, Low Self Confidence, Anxiety Attacks and more.

How Advanced Alexa Skill- MindSpa Works

To use this skill, first you need to enable the MindSpa skill from your Alexa app or the link given in the end. After enabling it, you will be redirecting to the login/sign up page. After successful authentication, you need to invoke the skill by saying “Open MindSpa” from any enabled Alexa device. Then the skill will welcome you and give some interesting facts about power of mind. And then, it ask you to subscribe the program for resolving the behavioral issues like Anger Management, Stress Management, Low Self Confidence.
After subscribing to the program, MindSpa will ask some questions related to that program to get your current level. It then tells you,the serious of the issue that whether you have serious, average or low behavioral issues. And then give tips related to your condition.

So next time when you invoke the skill. MindSpa used a series of questions delivered to the subscribers and then uses this data and processes it based on certain algorithm to deliver a relevant voice note in the form of Motivational Quote, Short Story, Audio clip, Practice Tip etc. MindSpa will give you the tip to motivate or inspire you and helps you to resolve you behavioral issues that you have subscribed.It regularly checks the progress of subscriber by asking questions at a user- defined frequency and uses the response data to deliver adaptive content in return.

Habit Forming Advantage

Whenever the subscribers invoke the skill, they will receive voice notes in the form of motivational quotes, practice tips and short audio stories which helps them resolve their complex and remain motivated for the whole day. Regular use of this skill can help subscriber to adapt a positive habit and overcome their behavioral issues in daily life, leading to a joyful user experience and positivity in their surroundings.

What next?

Making the algorithm more effective by implementing data analytics and adding more behavior trackers for personality disorders like alcoholism, depression, insomnia etc. The intent is to make MindSpa a habit forming skill which could impact the daily life of common man.

The skill is available on Amazon. You can enable it from there as well or enable it from Amazon Alexa app in your mobile devices. Here are the links to enable this skill

For US supported language: MindSpa for US

For India supported language: MindSpa for India


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