Must Have Homepage Elements on a Website

homepage elements of a website

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To much extent, the homepage elements on a website determine its future. If you look at some of the best websites, you will find a lot of common elements among them. The homepage is the main page and represents you and your brand.


Therefore, it becomes crucial to determine the list of elements your website must have on your homepage. Below we have shared a list of homepage elements on a website

Logo and branding

logo and branding


Pretty much every site you visit has a logo. Perhaps you can likely recognize many of them through their logos alone, which represents something about the level of marking. The importance of branding is it separates you from your competitors.


Logos generally will appear on the upper left corner of your home page, since that’s where the visitors are first drawn to. In any case, you can likewise place your logo inside your navigation bar as well.


Regardless of wherever you place your logo, make sure it’s not difficult to spot, and clear enough that visitors can make out what it says.

A Hero section

hero section


A Hero section is generally comprised of a big picture or slideshow, and it comes directly underneath the navigation bar. The reason behind Hero section is so visitors have a general idea of what’s the website is all about.


One mistake that most websites make is using Hero section for aesthetic purposes. If you’re squandering this much screen space without providing vital information, like your mission and tag lines, you’re definitely on the wrong path.

Tempting call to action (CTA)

call to action


Usually, all websites have goals that involve conversions. That can be anything from making a purchase, subscribe to newsletters, follow you, etc.


The simplest way of making visitors do something is by asking them, that’s where CTAs come in. This can be a button or simple text, yet whichever approach you take, it needs to stand apart from the rest of the components on your home page.


One simple approach to do this is by using distinguished colors. Your selection of words additionally plays a significant part, so choose them cautiously.

Clear navigation menus

homeoage elements on a website


Except if you’re going with a one-page design, visitors need a navigation menu to move around your site. A menu ought to be the first thing they see on your home page and it ought to be both exceptionally clear and easy to use.

Eye-catching color scheme

color scheme


One critical part of website homepage is color combination you use. Colors aren’t just about the style of the page – they can assist with directing the eye, providing a much better experience, and determines visitors’ perception of your brand.


Generally, we suggest you choose a couple of colors that function admirably well and use them all through your site. For certain components, like CTAs and menus, you’ll need to make use of colors that pop, so they stand out considerably more.

Highly readable and Engaging typography



You probably think the font style you choose won’t make much difference, yet you must follow all typography rules. The right font style can make your site more your site more engaging by making it easier to read.


The font styles you choose are your personal choice. However, we prescribe you stick to fonts that are not difficult to read and save the funky styles for your logo and other branding components. Remember – whichever text styles you use on your home page will appear throughout your site, so pick them cautiously!


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