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Responsive User Interface and powerful User experience contributes to success of any product or service. It further holds a significant place in digital world where look & feel, intuitiveness and ease of use are considered key to user experience. We are a game for responsive UI UX Designs for web & mobile applications . UI UX team at Prologic Technologies focuses on Design Thinking and Innovation to create seamless UI UX Designs for web and mobile platforms across all devices.

Customer Experience


of Buyers are likely to pay more for a better Customer Experience

User Experience


Users will never return to a website, app if they have a bad User Experience

Twitter users expect a response


of Twitter users expect a response within 30 minutes

Website companies believe


B2C App and Website companies believe that creating Engaging Content is their #1 Priority

Responsive UI Design

Responsive UI/UX

Responsive User Designs is a necessity for your web and mobile products. Easy to use and device adaptive GUI increases user engagement and delivers a brand statement. Our design team will help you choose the right UI UX framework whether its Bootstrap, Zurb, AMP, React or Angular to design an optimized user interface for your web and mobile audience. We strongly believe in making a clear brand statement via impressive UI elements because 'Looks Matter'.

Simplified User Experience


Ease and intuitiveness of user interaction with your content on desktop or mobile is the key to user engagement. We apply design thinking to simplify user experience for web and mobile devices to optimize ROI for your target audience and create engaging content. We truly believe that user experience is the top priority over price and brand value. At Prologic Technologies, we continuously try to find innovative ways to enrich user experience, leading to more product acceptability.

Some Creative Statistics



Responsive Web Layouts



Web & Mobile UX/ UI



Legacy Web Layouts

W3C Optimised


Web & Mobile Pages

Prologic Technologies has a proven
track record of delivering

  • Apps and Website with Engaging User Experience
  • Fast loading websites (within 3-5 seconds)
  • High Performance Web and Mobile pages
  • W3C validated HTML and CSS
  • Immersive UI UX for Web and Mobile
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) per Google Guidelines
  • Optimized Landing pages for web
  • Lead conversion and capturing tools using QR Codes

Technology Stacks

  • Photoshop CS, Adobe Illustrator
  • HTML5/ XHTML, CSS/ CSS Sprites
  • Bootstrap, Zurb, 960 grid
  • Ionic Framework
  • JQuery, Javascript
  • Invision, Powerpoint, Google Slides, Google Drawing
  • Google Webmaster
  • Google AMP

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